Rims & Reels event video

Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in the Reels & Rims event and donated towards the trail project!

Successful Sunday Switchberm!

Some pics of the work today…there was some serious clearing of brush, digging, hauling of concrete chunks and dirt moving that ultimately resulted in a really nice and fun uphill/downhill turn! Also WIPB/Newslink Indiana came out and will be featuring a segment at the trails this Thursday the 8th, with a live feed from the trails!

iew of the turn from the middle.

he hard-working trail care crew

ave getting interviewed by BSU Newslink for an upcoming story

uys digging the trench to hold the large anchor blocks for the retaining wall.

Rims & Reels – Trail Ride, Cookout & Bike Movies!

Join us on Friday, October 16th at 6pm for a fun event out at Prairie Creek!
We will be hosting a group ride of the new loop at 6pm, followed by a cookout and bike movies at Graham Lodge at Red-tail’s Munsee Woods. Your $10 donation will go to help the Prairie Creek Trail Care group efforts to become a chapter of IMBA, opening up funding and resource opportunities!

BYObikes, BYOchairs and BYObeverages – we’ll provide the food & entertainment!